Nepali Text To Speech
by Bhasha Sanchar & Kaushal Subedi

This tool was made to help the international rescue teams working in Nepal communicate with the local people in Nepali language during the mega-earthquake of 2015. Volunteers helping via Translators Without Borders will translate phrases and other sentences to Nepali, and when rescue workers need to use those phrases, they will simply use this tool to convert the written text to speech. The speech data was provided free of charge by Bhasha Sanchar and the tool was developed by Kaushal Subedi.

How do I use it?

This tool can turn Nepali text to spoken WAV files. You can use Google Translate to translate text from other languages to Nepali and copy-paste the Nepali text on the input box below to get it converted to speech. You can also use the phrases from this document translated by Translators Without Borders. You can type in romanized Nepali (as in "mero nam kaushal ho") below and it will automatically be converted to Nepali after you press spacebar. Press CTRL+M to toggle this behaviour.

Update: Now you can use the translation box below to automatically translate from any language (tons of languages supported) to Nepali. After translating, press the red button to copy the text to the input box below, then you can convert it to speech. This uses Google Translation, and I do not guarantee the accuracy of the results.

To use this on Android, please install VLC Player and use it to open the downloaded WAV file.